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Borrowed clothes, writing about training

July 15, 2011

I’ve been practising aikido since 2004, with varying sincerity, dabbling in some other arts aswell.   What business does a novice like me have writing about aikido?

  1. to record what my teachers show me
  2. to make me think and organise my ideas
  3. to record a beginner’s experience
  4. to make the above public to enforce some quality control on the writing
  5. to share food for thought with the readers

To expand a little on these points:

1:  Anything especially insightful on the blog is probably plagiarised from my teachers.  My main teacher’s job is teaching aikido, so it wouldn’t be right to give away all he teaches for free.

2:  I don’t have to limit myself to writing about things I understand deeply.  I’ll write about things I’m not even able to do.

3:  another excuse for low quality of the content

4: Knowing that there are some people out there reading this motivates me to look for inconsistencies in my thoughts.  Hopefully readers will point out things I don’t fully understand.

5: If you’ve read more than one of my posts hopefully I’ve been successful with this part.


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